Measuring Instructions for Venosan®  
Custom made Leg Garments

 Why measure for a custom made garment?
If measurements do not fit within the standard garment range, or if there are special patient requirements. 
Measuring a patient for a custom made garment? Use the special custom made order form provided. All measurements are required (length & circumference for the style requested).
When to take measurements?
Measurements should always be taken first thing in the morning or after leg has been rested. This ensures that the oedema is at its lowest level and a better fitting garment is produced.
Measuring post compression bandaging? Measurements should be stable for 2-3 days before measuring for custom made garments and the limb bandaged until the garment can be fitted.
IMPORTANT:  Use a non-permanent marker to indicate where to measure on the limb
CIRCUMFERENCE:  Mark the leg where each circumference measurement is being taken.
LENGTH:  Measure from floor, follow each circumference mark on leg for the chosen style.

                  Circumference and length measurements must be taken at the same points.
                  All boxes (circumference & length, left and right)  must be filled in for required style.

(cA)    Taken around the metatarsal heads.
           This point is found at the base of the little toe.

(cY)     Taken with the foot at a 90°angle. The            circumference measurement is taken with a 45 degree angle through the heel & across the instep.

(cB)       Is the point of greatest compression and therefore the most important measurement. Taken at smallest point    above ankle bone.
(cB1)    Taken where the Achilles tendon meets the   
            calf muscle. Flex calf muscle to determine measuring point.
(cC)      Is the largest circumference of the

  (cD)   Is the smallest circumference located below the      
            knee. Consider stay up silicon top if this measurement is wider than the calf measurement.      
  (cE)    Taken mid-patella.
  (cF)    Taken approximately mid thigh.

  (cG)    Taken approximately 4 cm below
 the groin area (for thigh high style).

  (cH)   Taken at largest circumference of hip.

  (cT)    Measured at the waist above the hip bone.   

Length Measurements:   
Follow the circumference marks up the leg depending on the style required.
Below knee AD: measure to 3 cm below the patella.   
Thigh high AGH / AGG: measure to 4 cm below the groin.   


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