When should measurements be taken:
Most Lymphoedema patients will need CPT treatment before measuring for a compression garment.
Measure for garment when limb reduction has reached a plateau, (where possible three days unchanged)
Take measurements as soon as bandages are removed, if a custom made garment is required, keep bandages on until garment has arrived
When to order a made to measure arm sleeve?
You should use a custom made garment after determining no standard arm sleeve will fit from the size charts available or special requirements are needed.
**All compression class III (32-46mmHg) compression are custom made, use order form provided.

IMPORTANT:  Mark each circumference point with non-permanent marker
(cC)             Greatest point of compression, narrowest part of wrist
(cD)             Widest part of forearm
(cE)             Through the elbow crease
(cF)             Widest part of upper arm around the bicep.
(cG)            At  axilla (armpit), to assist with keeping tape straight, place book between     
                   body and arm.


Hand Extension/Circumference

(a)                  fore-hand circumference including thumb spread wide
(y)                Is taken at the metacarpals
(B-BH)  Starting at wrist follow circumference points marked on arm
(BG)      Wrist to axilla, add shoulder cap to BH
To get the correct total length, especially in obese patients, measure along the outside with arm slightly bent. Also measure the inside of arm and compare length, place book under arm-pit to assist and add shoulder cap.
For assistance contact:
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